Not only sophisticated sialendoscopy but also in-depth view of salivary pathology with Facial-Plastic Surgical Approaches
Live surgery and lectures are now FREE!
Our sponsors have allowed us to heavily reduce the fees for cadaveric dissection at the Contemporary Salivary Surgery 2018. Places are limited and will be filled by first-come (applied via email) first-served basis. Present applicants will be refunded to new terms. See also new »Prices and fees« leaflet.
Featuring Prof. Francis Marchal, MD, FACS

You will have a unique opportunity to meet the inventor and Guru of Sialendoscopic technique.
Day 1
  • Sialendoscopic approach to obstructive salivary gland disease
  • OR equipment
  • Live and Case Sessions
  • Round Tables
Day 2
Open Salivary Gland Surgery
  • Surgical anatomy of salivary glands
  • Operative techniques
  • Live and Case Sessions
  • Complications and late sequelae
Day 3
Hands-on Course
  • Step-by-step guided procedures With ample faculty members to assist

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Information for applicants
Dear colleagues

We wish You a warm Wellcome to attend at the Contemporary Salivary Gland Surgery with Open and Sialendoscopic Live cases in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 19th to 21st of April 2018. Please regard the deadlines for payment amounts as final.

For all members of iSIAL, we offer an additional discount of 20 % up to 1st January 2017 and 10% all fees after the before mentioned date.
Additional discounts are available for applicants to form middle and low-income countries according to World Bank

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International and Local Faculty
  • Francis MARCHAL
  • Aleksandar ANIČIN
  • Nina Gale
  • Rajko JOVIĆ
  • Drago PRGOMET
  • Milan Stanković
  • Aleš GROŠELJ
  • Robert ŠIFRER
  • Jošt PAUČIČ
  • Peter PUKL

Ultrasonic and bipolar hybrid technology and Visualisation equipment

Sialendoscopic and Visualisation equipment

Nerve monitoring systems



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